Creep of granulated loose-fil insulation - Test method and round robin test (NT TR 491)

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  • Report #: NT TR 491
  • Approved: March 2002
  • Author(s): Torben Valdbjørn Rasmussen
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  • Version: 1st edition


This report presents a proposal for a standardised method for creep tests and the necessary theoretical framework that can be used to describe creep of a granulated loose-fill material. Furthermore results from a round robin test are shown.

The project was carried out because granulated insulation materials that are loose-filled in walls have been found to settle after installation. Loose-fill insulation in walls in a test house was observed to exhibit progressive settling between 0.07 and 0.38 m.

A better understanding of the behaviour of granulated loose-fill material is provided and a standardised method for measurement of creep of loose-fill material is proposed. This enables control of the settling and prediction of densities necessary to prevent settling.

Nordtest has funded the project (Nordtest project 1536-01).


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