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Intercomparison and method for uncertainty calculation of water and heat flow (NT TR 610)

NT TR 610

  • A relatively high utilisation of district heating and limited resources of drinking water makes metering of water and heat of great importance in both the Nordic and the Baltic countries. This has further resulted in a heavy focus on testing and calibration of the meters as well as on the uncertainty of the meter installation.

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Nordic sewer system inspection manual - Part 1 - Pipelines (NT TR 574)

NT TR 574

  • The present manual includes standard definitions, pictures, and drawings for the purpose of describing observations of sewer systems provided by visual inspection. The overall objective is to describe how these inspections can be performed on an identical level in the Nordic countries.

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Test methods for components used in vertical geothermal heat exchangers (NT TR 572)

NT TR 572

  • This report treats the development of test methods for performance test of components used in vertical geothermal heat exchangers (GHX). The aim of the method proposals, attached to this report, is to help evaluate their performance in laboratory conditions, whilst subjected to relatively realistic environment. Such test methods are missing presently.

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Round Robin test on heat exchanger or district heating (NT TR 532)

NT TR 532

  • Four partners from three Nordic countries carried out for the first time a Round Robin test on a heat exchanger designed for district heating applications. The aim was to investigate the level of uncertainty achieved in determining the thermal capacity and pressure losses in a heat exchanger.

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Field test method for the easurement of filter efficiency (NT TR 531)

NT TR 531

  • Ventilation filters are normally classified with the aid of standard laboratory tests. The most well known standards are the European standard EN779 (Anon. 1993) and the corresponding American standard ASHRAE 52.2 (Anon. 1999). Standard tests, however, produce information which may be insufficient for estimating the true filter performance.

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Intercomparison of sandboxes used for testing joints for district heating pipes (NT TR 495)

NT TR 495

  • An intercomparison has been carried out between 3 laboratories concerning a type test for joints according to EN489 District heating pipes – Pre-insulated bonded pipe systems for directly buried hot water networks - Joint assembly for steel service pipes, polyurethane thermal insulation and outer casing of polyethylene.


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