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When do we need calibration of equipment used in testing laboratories? (NT TR 226)

NT TR 226

  • One of the most important elements in a testing laboratory quality system is a practical, well-functioning equipment management system.

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Indoor climate problems - Investigation and remedial measures (NT TR 204)

NT TR 204

  • Problems due to heat, cold and draughts, bad air or stuffy air in dwellings and places of work have been, and continue to be, of frequent occurrence.

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Recommended methods for on site evaluation of the magnetization in MPI (NT TR 171)

NT TR 171

  • Requirements for sufficient magnetizing force in MPI (magnetic particle inspection) vary considerably. When using current magnetization, the verification is fairly straightforward but when using yokes and coils, strayfields interfere with the results. The report gives recommendation for measuring the level of magnetization for different types of methods.

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