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Nordic intercomparison programme in the field of acoustics – 3. Measurement: Field measurements of airborne sound insulation (NT TR 290)

NT TR 290

  • An Intercomparison concerning field measurements of airborne sound insulation has been carried through by five participating laboratories from the 22nd to the 25th August 1995. Three different test methods were used: The traditional ISO 140-4 method, a proposed new simple survey method and an intensity scanning method.

    For the measurements carried out according to ISO 140-4 the reproducibility shows good agreement with the reference values stated in ISO 140-2.

    With the survey method a surprisingly good reproducibility is obtained even for the more difficult room types.

    The achieved reproducibility for the intensity method is acceptable. During the measurements some proposals for improvement of the intensity method were found.

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Traceable calibration and uncertainty of measurements in scanning electron microscopy NT TR 252

NT TR 252

  • The objective of this study was to develop guidelines for measuring quantitative chemical compositions and dimensions in scanning electron microscopy (SEM) to a predetermined level of uncertainty with the help of the new publication ISO/TAG4/WG 3 (June 1992): Guide to the Expression of Uncertainty in Measurement.

    A literature survey was made in order to see what relevant standards or recognised procedures are available for measurements in SEM.

    This report containes worked examples of uncertainty analysis and application of the ISO/TAG4/WG 3 guide for measurements in SEM. The results of experiments and the literature survey are summarised and the suitability of the ISO/TAG4/WG 3 guide is discussed.

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When do we need calibration of equipment used in testing laboratories? (NT TR 226)

NT TR 226

  • One of the most important elements in a testing laboratory quality system is a practical, well-functioning equipment management system.

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Indoor climate problems - Investigation and remedial measures (NT TR 204)

NT TR 204

  • Problems due to heat, cold and draughts, bad air or stuffy air in dwellings and places of work have been, and continue to be, of frequent occurrence.

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Recommended methods for on site evaluation of the magnetization in MPI (NT TR 171)

NT TR 171

  • Requirements for sufficient magnetizing force in MPI (magnetic particle inspection) vary considerably. When using current magnetization, the verification is fairly straightforward but when using yokes and coils, strayfields interfere with the results. The report gives recommendation for measuring the level of magnetization for different types of methods.

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Nesigurnost uzorkovanja - Nordtest prurucnik za planiranje uzorkovanja vezano za obezbeenje kvaliteta uzorkovanja i procenu nesigurnosti (NT TR 604 - Serbian)

NT TR 604 - Serbian

  • The handbook provides practical guidance on sampling uncertainty estimation in the Nordtest TR handbook format. The handbook is an extract of and based upon the principles, methods and text of the international Eurachem Guide Estimation of measurement uncertainty arising from sampling. The Eurachem guide is more extensive and provides details on theory and additional examples. The basic reference for the text in this handbook is the above-mentioned Eurachem guide.

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