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Influence of critical test conditions on the results of pH-dependent leaching tests (NT TR 466)

NT TR 466

  • The purpose of the project has been to investigate the influence of some potentially critical test conditions on the results of pH-dependent tests. Two types of pH-dependent tests, the pH static test and the ANC-test were considered.

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Development of tests for characterising the leaching of organic compounds from contaminated soils and waste products (NT TR 464)

NT TR 464

  • The main purpose of this project has been to evaluate primarily the technical feasibility of applying and standardising leaching tests that may be used to describe the leaching of organic components from contaminated soil and waste materials.

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Determination of corrosion protection classes for inorganic coatings on steel (NT TR 462 Swedish)

NT TR 462

  • The report is in Swedish and presents the results of NORDTEST project 1459:99. The objective of this project was to develop a method for quantitative rating of the corrosion protection capability of inorganic coatings on steel by making use of results from accelerated corrosion testing.

    A model was developed for quantitative rating of the corrosion protection capability in terms of the resistance of a coating to withstand 15 years of use in environments characterized by the corrosivity classes defined in ISO 9223. The model makes use of zinc and carbon steel as reference materials.

    Three accelerated tests were studied for the rating of the corrosion protection capability, namely, the neutral salt spray test according to ISL> 9227, cyclic salt spray and humidity testing according to VDA 621-415, and accelerated outdoor testing according to ISO 11474 (VOLVO-SCAB). Altogether 18 different inorganic coating systems were tested by the accelerated test methods and the results used to determine the corrosion protection class of the coatings.

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Undersøgelse af grundlaget for anvendelse af batchudvaskningstesten NT ENVIR 005 i forbindelse med testning af udvaskningen af sporelementer fra jord (NT TR 461a)

NT TR 461a

  • The project has resulted in a proposal for a test protocol for a batch leaching test applicable to soil, based on an experimentally based study of the influence of various test conditions on the performance and results of the test.

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Undersøgelse af grundlaget for anvendelse af batchudvaskningstesten NT ENVIR 005 i forbindelse med testning af udvaskningen af sporelementer fra jord (NT TR 461)

NT TR 461

  • In the Nordic countries there is an increasing interest in the use of leaching-based criteria in the regulation of utilisation and landfilling of waste materials and contaminated soil. The project has resulted in a proposal for a test protocol for a batch leaching test applicable to soil.

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Safety assessment of systems containing COTS software (NT TR 460)

NT TR 460

  • The integration of COTS software adds uncertainties in the design and construction of safety related systems. Limited documentation on the COTS characteristics such as design, resource demands and performances are likely to introduce additional risks to the system.

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Guideline for the Validation of Functional Safety according to IEC 61508 (NT TR 459)

NT TR 459

  • This guideline addresses the validation activities for safety-related functions realized through programmable electronic systems (PES) according to the IEC 61508 standard.

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Revisjon av Nordtestmetode for besemmelse av betongs strekkfasthet og heftefasthet mellom betong og mørtel (NT TR 457)

NT TR 457

  • Three Nordtest methods for testing tensile strength of concrete and bond strength between concrete substructure and cast-on layer of concrete, mortar or sprayed concrete were evaluated in this project for proposing a new revised Nordtest method.

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Test methods for monitoring genetically modified microorganisms (GMMs) in nature (NT TR 455)

NT TR 455

  • Genetically modified microorganisms (GMMs) are promising for many environmental and agricultural applications, including bioremediation of toxic chemicals and bio control of plant diseases. This report provide recommendations for test methods that are suitable for monitoring of GMMs in Nordic countries.

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Determination of total or partial trace element content in soil and inorganic waste materials (NT TR 446)

NT TR 446

  • A large number of different methods are available for the determination of the content of trace elements in soil and inorganic waste materials, and since these methods often are used at random and without proper justification, guidance and documentation, a considerable confusion exists in this area.


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Round Robin - Chemical emission testing by use of FLEC (NT TR 438)

NT TR 438

  • The purpose of this project was to harmonise chemical emission testing in the Nordic countries in order to define a uniform test procedure, test conditions, and reporting.

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Guidelines to large-scale fire testing of water mist systems (NT TR 433)

NT TR 433

  • This document presents general guidelines for large-scale fire testing of water mist systems.

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Physical interpretation of temperature data measured in the SBI fire test (NT TR 416)

NT TR 416

  • In the SBI fire test, there are temperature sensors in the exhaust duct allowing measurement of the temperature rise of the exhaust gases (T measurement). In principle these sensors provide means to monitor the production rate of thermal energy.

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Assessment of Compost Maturity and Ecotoxicity (NT TR 404)

NT TR 404

  • The purpose of the Nordtest project was to identify the problems associated with the utilization of compost in the Nordic countries.

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Measurement of Sound Pressure Levels at Low Frequencies in Rooms (NT TR 385)

NT TR 385

  • Comparison of available methods and standards with respect to microphone positions. Proposal for new procedures.

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Guidelines for evaluating in-service creep damage (NT TR 302)

NT TR 302

  • To indicate safe life or re-evaluation periods for high-temperature components, assessment based on measured creep cavitation damage is used worldwide. To interpret the observed damage unambiguously requires evaluation of the extent of damage on a unique, clearly defined and accepted scale. The presently available European damage scales in the guidelines NORDTEST NT TR 170 and VGB-TW 507 provide reference micrographs for a range of creep damage in the most common high-temperature steels. However, these guidelines differ in their stated and implicit definitions of a given class (extent) of damage, although both guidelines are nominally based on the same original Neubauer scale of creep damage.

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