The history of Nordtest

Nordtest - a brand for conformity assessment

Nordtest was originally founded in 1973 under the Nordic Council of Ministers and has since then acted a a joint Nordic body in the field of conformity assessment. The 1st of January 2004 it was merged with the Nordic Industriel Fund into the Nordic Innovation Centre, based in Oslo. 

In all history the emphasis has been on development of Nordic test methods and on Nordic co-operation concerning conformity assessment - approved once -> accepted everywhere. No barriers for products and services within the Nordic countries.

During the years about 1500 methods ( 600 is still running) and more than 600 technical reports have been published.


Nordtest is a trademark of Nordic cooperation in conformity assessment. The emphasis of Nordtest is to develop, promote and innovate Nordic test methods and pre-normative activity. Nordtest endeavours to remove technical barriers to trade and promotes the concept: “Approved once, accepted everywhere”.