Electrical equipment: Environmental test procedures (NT ELEC 016a)

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  • Report #: NT ELEC 016a
  • Approved: November 1996
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This document forms Amendment 1 to NT ELEC 016G, ELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT: ENVIRONMENTAL TEST PROCEDURES, Approved 1990-06, and shall only be used in connection with that document.

The amendment contains an update to chapter 2 and 3 with special reference to the electrical environment to reflect the impact of the EMC directive.

This amendment also contains an updated chapter 4, which replaces chapter 4 of NT ELEC 016G, Approved 1990-01. Chapter 4 contains a survey of procedures in table form for easy finding. The tables include former and new test procedures, where the new procedures are denoted with a X in the last column of the tables. Following the tables a more detailed survey is presented including former and new test procedures.

Finally, amendment 1 contains a total of 21 new test procedures, among others procedures for testing unintended electrical emissions from equipment, solar radiation test, mechanical vibration and bump tests for shipborne equipment, dust test, additional procedures for water test, and miscellaneous mechanical tests, all referred to in the said tables and the new section 4.


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