Solid waste, granular inorganic material: Availability test (NT ENVIR 003)

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  • Report #: NT ENVIR 003
  • Approved: January 1995
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This Nordtest method is a batch leaching test and the test produces an eluate which shall be analysed chemically and physically. The availability test is a tool to determine to what extent the total content of a material can be involved in the leaching process in the long term e.g. after loss of acid neutralizing capacity, after disintegration of the material or through diffusion from the waste matrix in a very long time perspective.

This Nordtest method is especially recommended for screening purposes. If the test is used for some other purpose, it must be noticed that the test still needs some developments to have better accuracy. The limitations of the tests e.g. for redox sensitive compounds must also be studied in more detail.


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