Concrete, hardened: Pullout strength (NT BUILD 211)

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  • Report #: NT BUILD 211
  • Approved: May 1984
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This NORDTEST method is intended for the determination of the force needed for pulling out a circular pullout insert that has been cast in the concrete. This force is in this context defined as the pullout force. It is also possible to exert a pull with a certain amount of force without thereby causing a break in the concrete.(See Note 1).

The method may be used for an evaluation of the compressive strength in completed objects with the condition that the values obtained according to the method have been calibrated for concrete with a known compressive strength and of the same composition as the concrete whose compressive strength one intends to evaluate. The relationship between the force and the strength of the concrete may then usually be expressed as a linear function.

The pullout strength may be used to determine whether or not the strength of an object has reached a sufficient level in connection with the following examples and others.

Note 1
The method agrees in the main with IS0 DP 8046 Concrete (hardened) - Determination of pull out strength.


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