Concrete, hardened: Dimensions of test specimens (NT BUILD 200)

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  • Report #: NT BUILD 200
  • Approved: May 1984
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  • Version: Edition 2



This NORDTEST method defines the recommended dimensions of test specimens of hardened concrete, made in the shape of a cube or a cylinder. Furthermore, the method specifies how to determine the shape- and size deviations of test specimens.

The method may be used both for cast test specimens and specimens taken from an object made of concrete.

The nominal measures and the measure indications used in the method are given in Fig. 1. The measures in Fig. 1 agree with the corresponding measures listed in IS0 1920, but it is recommended that the Comments should also be read. These are used acc. to Fig. 1 to state the nominal measures of the test specimens.

The points of measurement acc. to Fig. 2 are the same as in IS0 4012.


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