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Natural stones: Determination of sensitivity to accidental staining (NT BUILD 514)


  • This Nordtest method describes a laboratory procedure for determining the sensitivity of natural stones when exposed to accidental staining. It contains a standardised procedure for the application of the stains, the cleaning and the assessment of the surface appearance after cleaning. It also covers the possibility to assess the efficiency of a surface treatment. Note that the method does not intend to present any de-staining technique!

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Leaching of active ingredients from preservative-treated timber – Semi-field testing (NT BUILD 509)


  • This Nordtest standard specifies a method to determine the relative leaching rate of preservative treated wood for use class 3 (outdoor above ground) by a semi-field method. The preservative treated wood can be tested with or without subsequent surface coating or other water-repellent treatment. The method is applicable to the testing of commercial or experimental preservatives applied to non-durable timber by methods appropriate to commercial practice.

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Test method – Load bearing mechanical fasteners for timber frame sheeting (NT BUILD 508)


  • This standard specifies test methods for determining the strength and deformation characteristics of laterally loaded mechanical fasteners in sheeting, materials for timber frames suchas shear walls and diaphragm structures. The fasteners covered include nails, screws and staples.

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Concrete, mortar and cement based repair materials: Quality control of fresh self-compacting concrete - Workability, air content, density and casting of test specimens (NT BUILD 507)


  • This procedure is for the quality control of the of fresh self-compacting concrete.

    With respect to air content, density and casting of test specimens this method is in accordance with EN 12350-6, and EN 12350-7 shall be used except for the sections given in the present document. These sections are superior to EN-12350.

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Concrete, mortar, hardened: Water permeability of water-saturated concrete (NT BUILD 506)


  • This NORDTEST method is intended for the determination of the water permeability of cast or drilled test specimens of hardened, water-saturated concrete or mortar.

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Measurement of heat of hydration of cement with heat conduction calorimetry (NT BUILD 505)


  • This method directly measures the 3 or 7 days heat of hydration at 20oC on small samples of cement paste with water/cement-ratio 0.5. It can also be used as a basis for other types of measurements (Annex A).

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Cladding panels: Field method for measurement of bowing (NT BUILD 500)


  • This Nordtest method specifies a methodology and a measuring device (the ”Bow- meter”) for carrying out field measurements of dimensional changes and deformation of natural stone panels used as exterior cladding [1]. The method represents a tool for the inspection and assessment of status and prediction of further development on existing facades where damage in the form of bowing of natural stone panels has been observed.

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Hygroscopic properties of fire-retardant treated wood and wood-based products (NT BUILD 504)


  • This test method prescribes the procedure for determining the equilibrium moisture content of fire-retardant treated (FRT) wood and wood-based product samples after exposure to a standard high relative humidity condition of 90 ± 3% at 27 ± 2°C.

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Lightweight aggregates for railway embankments - Resistance to cyclic compressive loading (NT BUILD 503)


  • The method specifies the procedures for the determination of the compressive deformation of lightweight aggregates during a fatigue test carried out with cyclic compressive load. The method is primarily designed for aggregates to be used in railway embankments and is applicable for lightweight aggregates and recycled aggregates with maximum particle size 32 mm.

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Liquid applied waterproofing systems: Accelerated ageing in alkaline environment (NT BUILD 502)


  • This Nordtest method is intended for assessment of the durability of liquid applied waterproofing systems in alkaline environment, e.g. moist concrete.

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Adhesive: Absorption of deformation (NT BUILD 501)


  • The test method describes a way of determining the ability of cementitious and organically-modified cementitious adhesives to absorb movements in the underlying concrete when applying tiles using the thin-layer method. The result can be used in assessing the ability of adhesives to absorb movements due to shrinkage and creep.

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Cladding panels: Test for bowing (NT BUILD 499)


  • This Nordtest method describes a laboratory procedure for determining the bowing potential of natural stone panels intended for building facades. The method shall therefore be used to select natural stone types that are fit for cladding purposes, without demonstrating this phenomenon.

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Lightweight aggregates: Compressibility and compressive strength after compaction by vibration (NT BUILD 498)


  • The method specifies the procedure for the determination of the compressibility of light weight aggregates. The test is applicable for light weight aggregates and recycled aggregates of up to 32 mm maximum size.

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Lightweight aggregates: Resistance to cyclic compressive loading (NT BUILD 497)


  • The method specifies the procedures for the determination of the compressive deformation of lightweight aggregates during a fatigue test carried out with cyclic compressive load. The method is primarily designed for aggregates to be used in railway embankments and is applicable for lightweight aggregates and recycled aggregates of 32 mm maximum particle size.

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Calibration of gypsum blocks for soil moisture measurements (NT BUILD 496)


  • This test method covers the determination of calibration curves of gypsum blocks used to determine the suction pressure in soil.

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Building materials and components in the vertical position: Exposure to accelerated climatic strains (NT BUILD 495)


  • This NORDTEST method is intended for exposing materials and components used in the building envelope to UV light, heat, water and frost. The method seeks to simulate the natural climatic strains. Its objective is to concentrate the individual climatic factors so that, in total, they produce a cycle of strains giving degradation results similar to natural exposure but in a much shorter period of time.

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Floors in sports halls: Friction at rotating movement (NT BUILD 494)


  • This method specifies the determination of the friction between a floor and a rotating foot with a vertical load (i.e. simulating the load exerted by an athlete in a rotating movement on the floor).

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Wall components: Resistance to impact from a large soft body (NT BUILD 493)


  • The NORDTEST METHOD specifies a laboratory test procedure for determining the resistance to damage of wall components exposed to soft body impact simulating impact loads procedure by human motion.

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Concrete, mortar and cement-based repair materials: Chloride migration coefficient from non-steady-state migration experiments (NT BUILD 492)


  • This procedure is for determination of the chloride migration coefficient in concrete, mortar or cement-based repair materials from non-steady-state migration experiments.

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Roof tile underlays: Watertightness – Tent effect (NT BUILD 488)


  • This Nordtest Method specifies a test procedure for testing the watertightness of roof tile underlays resting on a substrate of wood or mineral wool.

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Masonry: Shear behaviour of bed joints at different levels of precompression (NT BUILD 487)


  • The Nordtest method describes a method for determination of shear behavior of bed joints in masonry at different levels of precompression.

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Aggregates: Size distribution (NT BUILD 486)


  • The method can be applied to determine the size distribution of aggregates in different materials such as hardened mortars and concrete. The maximum aggregate size which can be measured depends on the size of the measured image.

    The measurements can be performed using thin sections or other specimens where the aggregates can be distinguished from the background.

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