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Roof tile underlays: Watertightness – Tent effect (NT BUILD 488)


  • This Nordtest Method specifies a test procedure for testing the watertightness of roof tile underlays resting on a substrate of wood or mineral wool.

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Wall coverings and bushings for water pipes and taps in bathrooms: Watertightness (NT BUILD 448)


  • Evaluation of the watertightness between wall coverings and bushings for water pipes and taps in bathrooms on the basis of tests with small test pieces.

    The scope of this Nordtest method is to test and evaluate the watertightness between watertight layers in wall coverings for bathrooms and bushings for water pipes and taps when exposed to water and mechanical actions in bathrooms in ordinary dwellings.

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Roofs: Watertightness under pulsating air pressure (NT BUILD 421)


  • This standard defines a method to be used for water-tightness testing under pulsating air pressure of building elements and components to be fitted in roofs and supplied in the form of completely assembled and finished units.

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Bathroom floors: Watertightness (NT BUILD 230)


  • The aim of this method is to evaluate the suitability of floors used on wood or wood-based materials in bathrooms and rooms with a similar exposure to water and mechanical stresses. The test procedure is intended to simulate the influences which can be expected during long-term use.

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Walls in bathrooms: Watertightness and resistance to water and moisture (NT BUILD 058)


  • The scope of this suitability of walls NORDTEST method is to evaluate the - especially walls containing wood or wood based materials - in bathrooms or other rooms with a similar exposure to water. The test is intended to simulate the effect of long-term use.


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