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Jet momentum flux: Determination based on the weighing of air issuing from a supply device (NT VVS 122)

NT VVS 122

  • The scope of this method is to provide a relatively simple method for measuring the kinematic momentum flux of a jet issuing from a commercial supply device.

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Ventilation: Local mean age of air -homogeneous emission techniques (NT VVS 118)

NT VVS 118

  • The aim of this test method is to test ventilation performance in buildings, including premises which cannot be treated as a single well mixed zone.

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Indoor air quality: Measurement of co2 (NT VVS 114)

NT VVS 114

  • This method determines the overall function of the ventilation system by measuring the carbon dioxide, CO2 generated by the occupants. The primary intention is to measure the room air concentration, CR with one gas analyser. However by using two or more gas analysers the effectiveness or local ventilation index can also be obtained.

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Ventilatlon : Simple determination of air flow rate in thermal plumes (NT VVS 113)

NT VVS 113

  • The scope of this Nordtest method is to describe a simple procedure for measuring air flow rate in thermal free-, walland corner plumes over heat sources.

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Ventilation: Flow rate, total effective -by single zone approximation (NT VVS 105)

NT VVS 105

  • The purpose of this standard is to provide a description of a technique for measuring the total effective (harmonic time average) ventilation flow rate in a building using a single zone approximation.

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Ventilation: Vents for direct supply of outdoor air air flow pattern and draught criterion (NT VVS 092)

NT VVS 092

  • The scope of this Nordtest method is to determine the sensed draught (combination of local air velocity and low air temperature) created by incoming air through vents for direct supply of outdoor air into a room.

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Ventilatlon: Vents for direct supply of outdoor air capacity rating (NT VVS 091)

NT VVS 091

  • The scope of this Nordtest method is to determine the air flow rate through vents for direct supply of outdoor air, and also the air leakage rate through these vents in the closed position.

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Buildings - ventilating air: Mean age of air (NT VVS 047)

NT VVS 047

  • The scope of the method is to determine the room-average age of air in a ventilated space.

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Heat recovery units: Temperature efficiency (NT VVS 024)

NT VVS 024

  • This NORDTEST method describes a test for the determination of the temperature efficiency of a heat recovery unit.

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Field test method for the easurement of filter efficiency (NT TR 531)

NT TR 531

  • Ventilation filters are normally classified with the aid of standard laboratory tests. The most well known standards are the European standard EN779 (Anon. 1993) and the corresponding American standard ASHRAE 52.2 (Anon. 1999). Standard tests, however, produce information which may be insufficient for estimating the true filter performance.

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Indoor climate problems - Investigation and remedial measures (NT TR 204)

NT TR 204

  • Problems due to heat, cold and draughts, bad air or stuffy air in dwellings and places of work have been, and continue to be, of frequent occurrence.

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Buildings: Rate of ventilation in different parts of a building (NT BUILD 232)


  • This NORDTEST method is to be used for monitoring the natural and forced ventilation rate in different parts of a building or an apartment.

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Air terminal devices: Acoustic transmission loss (NT ACOU 105)


  • The method describes a test arrangement and procedure for measuring transmission loss without flow of duct-mounted air terminal devices. This is a laboratory substitution method, which is to be applied in a reverberation room.


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