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Buildings: Large scale kitchen range hoods - hood efficiency and pressure drop (NT VVS 088)

NT VVS 088

  • This test provides a method of measuring hood efficiency and pressure drop for large scale kitchen range hoods.

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Exhaust air heat pumps: Performancea (NT VVS 086)

NT VVS 086

  • This method describes the procedure used for testing large exhaust air heat pumps.

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Three-way control valves for hot water systems: Flow characteristics of the valve used as mixing valve (NT VVS 084)

NT VVS 084

  • This method is to be used for testing the hydraulic properties of 3-way control valves used as mixing valves.

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Liquid flow metering installations: Radioactive tracer transit time method, in situ calibration (NT VVS 082)

NT VVS 082

  • This document specifies the method for in situ calibration of liquid flow metering installations using the radioactive tracer transit time method. The method specified is an application of the flow measurement method described in ISO 2975/Vll for the calibration of permanent flow meter installations.

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Gullies - roof drainage: Syphonic systems, discharge characteristics (NT VVS 081)

NT VVS 081

  • This NORDTEST method specifies a procedure to determine the capacity and the characteristics of rainwater gullies especially designed for and used as a part of a syphonic roof drainage system.

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Pre-insulated bonded pipe units: Thermal transmlttance measurements (NT VVS 080)

NT VVS 080

  • This Nordtest method is a laboratory test method for the determination of the thermal performance of pre-insulated bonded pipe units.

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Mixing valves, pressure and thermostatic balanced: Stability of water flow and water temperature (NT VVS 079)

NT VVS 079

  • This method is to be used for testing the ability of automatic mixing valves to maintain the rate of flow and the temperature of the outflowing water when the pressure in the water supply system alternates.

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Ceiling cooling systems: Cooling capacity (NT VVS 078)

NT VVS 078

  • The method describes a test arrangement and procedure for measuring the cooling capacity of ceiling cooling systems without forced air flow.

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Pipe insulation: Thermal transmittance (NT VVS 077)

NT VVS 077

  • This Nordtest method is a laboratory test method for the determination of the thermal performance of pipe insulation.

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Large heat pumps: Field testing and presentation of performance (NT VVS 076)

NT VVS 076

  • This Nordtest method is intended to be used in the presentation and testing of performance primarily for large heat pumps.

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Domestic wastewater treatment - septic tank: Sludge separation, storage capacity (NT VVS 075)

NT VVS 075

  • This NORDTEST-method describes tests of sludge separation and sludge storage capacity for septic tanks for private domestic sewer systems.

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Total ventilation air flow rate: Continous measurement - constant flow technique (NT VVS 074)

NT VVS 074

  • The scope of the method is to determine the total inflow of outdoor air to a ventilated space.

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Buildings: Total flow rate of air - continuous measurement (NT VVS 048)

NT VVS 048

  • The scope of the Nordtest method is to describe a method for continuous measurement of air-change rates in occupied and unoccupied buildings.

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Buildings - ventilating air: Mean age of air (NT VVS 047)

NT VVS 047

  • The scope of the method is to determine the room-average age of air in a ventilated space.

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Gullies: Pressure resistance (NT VVS 042)

NT VVS 042

  • This Nordtest method is designed to determine wether the water trap in the gully can withstand certain pressure changes in the drainage system.

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Gullies: discharge capacity (NT VVS 039)

NT VVS 039

  • This Nordtest method is designed to ascertain the maximum water-flow a gully can discharge before backing-up, leakage, noise etc. occurs. Max. discharge capacity from floor and through side-inlets are measured.

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Water taps: Water hammer (NT VVS 030)

NT VVS 030

  • This Nordtest method describes a procedure for measuring and assessing water hammer. The results of the measurements may be used to compare the water hammer properties of various models of water taps designed for use in sanitary installations.

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Heat recovery units: Temperature efficiency (NT VVS 024)

NT VVS 024

  • This NORDTEST method describes a test for the determination of the temperature efficiency of a heat recovery unit.

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Heat recovery units: External leakage (NT VVS 021)

NT VVS 021

  • This NORDTEST method describes a test for the determination of air leakage between a heat recovery unit and the atmosphere.

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Intercomparison and method for uncertainty calculation of water and heat flow (NT TR 610)

NT TR 610

  • A relatively high utilisation of district heating and limited resources of drinking water makes metering of water and heat of great importance in both the Nordic and the Baltic countries. This has further resulted in a heavy focus on testing and calibration of the meters as well as on the uncertainty of the meter installation.

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Harmonized methods for assessment of release of dangerous substances from construction products - Nordic status (NT TR 598)

NT TR 598

  • This project was developed in the context of the new standardisation work under CEN related to the third essential requirement (ER3) concerning Hygiene, Health and the Environment stipulated by the Construction Products Directive (CPD). The project aims particularly to evaluate the importance of harmonising test methods for regulated substances in the Nordic countries and also to address the Nordic interest for CE-labelling of construction products.

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Stain test for Natural Stones (NT TR 595)

NT TR 595

  • This study focuses on the development of a standardised procedure for assessing the staining sensitivity of natural stones with and without surface treatment. The following different stone types with different mineralogy, chemistry and surface finishing were used: marble, mica-schist, ultrabasitee, granite and limestone.

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Testing durability of treated wood according to EN 252 - Interpretation of data from Nordic test fields (NT TR 591)

NT TR 591

  • To evaluate the effectiveness of new wood preservatives intended for treated wood in ground use there is an European standard, EN 252. The test shall run for five years before any interpretation of the results can be made.

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Inter-laboratory comparison of Nordtest test method for measurement of noise in working environment (NT TR 586)

NT TR 586

  • Nordtest Methods provided in 2002; NT ACOU 114 “Acoustics: Measurement of occupational noise exposure of workers – Survey method” and NT ACOU 115 “Acoustics: Measurement of occupational noise exposure of workers – Engineering method” were tested by making round robin tests in Nordic countries. The methods contain survey and engineering measurements that are based on short-term measurements and splitting up of the working day in work operations with similar noise levels.

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Application of WST-method for fracture testing of fibre-reinforced concrete (NT TR 575)

NT TR 575

  • To evaluate the reproducibility of the wedge-splitting test method and to provide guidelines, a round robin study was conducted in which three labs participated.

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Test methods for components used in vertical geothermal heat exchangers (NT TR 572)

NT TR 572

  • This report treats the development of test methods for performance test of components used in vertical geothermal heat exchangers (GHX). The aim of the method proposals, attached to this report, is to help evaluate their performance in laboratory conditions, whilst subjected to relatively realistic environment. Such test methods are missing presently.

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Metod för bestämning av vattenpermeabiliteten hos betong (NT TR 571)

NT TR 571

  • Vattenpermeabilitet är i många fall avgörande för beständighet och livslängd hos porösa material som t.ex. betong. Det finns idag ingen standardiserad metod för bestämning av Darciansk permeabilitet.

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Steel emissivity at high temperatures (NT TR 570)

NT TR 570

  • A new test method was developed at VTT for the determination of the emissivities of different types of steel and other metallic materials as a function of the temperature of the material.

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Frost Resistance test on Aggregates with and without Salt (FRAS) (NT TR 566)

NT TR 566

  • The main objective of the project was to test aggregates from different sources throughout Europe at different laboratories in Europe, with both pure water and salt water freeze/thaw test methods, to widen the applicability of the freeze/thaw test method in 1 % NaCl.

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Density of loose-fill insulation material exposed to cyclic humidity conditions (NT TR 565)

NT TR 565

  • This report presents a proposal for a standardised method for creep tests and the empirical framework necessary for determining the density for volume-stable state of a granulated loose-fill material as a function of the applied stress when exposed to a climate characterised as cyclic humidity conditions.

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