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Testing and evaluation of long term performance of solar collectors: Thermal performance, reliability and durability after one year’s outdoor exposure under stagnation conditions (NT VVS 112)

NT VVS 112

  • The objective of a one-year outdoor exposure under stagnation conditions is to ascertain whether the design of the collector has serious shortcomings in respect of design details or choice of materials that would degrade its pet-formante under realistic operating conditions.

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Solar collectors: Resistance of solar collectors to snow and wind loading NT VVS 111)

NT VVS 111

  • The purpose of these tests is to determine the ability of a collector cover plate to withstand the uniformly distributed loading resulting from positive and negative wind pressures and positive snow pressure.

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Solar collectors: Testing the solar collector’s ageing and corrosion characteristics (NT VVS 110)

NT VVS 110

  • 1.1 This method applies to solar collectors used for converting solar radiation into heat energy.

    1.2 This method covers collectors capable of being tested as independent units with forced circulation of the heat transfer medium.

    1.3 This method covers both concentrating and nonconcentrating collectors.

    1.4 This method does not cover the installation or mounting of solar collectors.

    1.5 This method covers component materials, materials performance and methods of test.

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Large solar collector arrays: In-situ efficiency test (NT VVS 097)

NT VVS 097

  • The purpose of the test method proposed in this report is to be able to check the efficiency of solar collector arrays, based on in-situ measurements with only a few measuring channels and relatively short measuring time.


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