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Direct acting electric heating – Testing of control systems: Part 2: evaluation of control sensors (NT VVS 124)

NT VVS 124

  • The test method is intended for laboratory testing of sensors for control systems of electrically heated single-family dwellings.

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Direct acting electric heating – testing of control systems: Part 1: terminology and evaluation in a test chamber (NT VVS 123)

NT VVS 123

  • The test method is designed for laboratory testing of control systems for direct acting room heaters, primarily for single family houses. This method denotes such a system as an electric-heat controller. The electric-heat controller may consist of either a central unit or several individual or coordinated local units.


Nordtest is a trademark of Nordic cooperation in conformity assessment. The emphasis of Nordtest is to develop, promote and innovate Nordic test methods and pre-normative activity. Nordtest endeavours to remove technical barriers to trade and promotes the concept: “Approved once, accepted everywhere”.