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Joints for cast iron pipes: Fitness and tightness of elastomeric seals (NT VVS 101)

NT VVS 101

  • The purpose of this Nordtest method is to test the fitness and tightness of joints between fittings and pipes of cast iron, when these are subjected to temperature changes, pressure, bending forces, deviation from alignment and other changes present in pipes in gravity sewers.

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Intercomparison of sandboxes used for testing joints for district heating pipes (NT TR 495)

NT TR 495

  • An intercomparison has been carried out between 3 laboratories concerning a type test for joints according to EN489 District heating pipes – Pre-insulated bonded pipe systems for directly buried hot water networks - Joint assembly for steel service pipes, polyurethane thermal insulation and outer casing of polyethylene.

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Buildings: Local air tightness (NT BUILD 220)


  • This NORDTEST method is intended for the measurement of air leak characteristics or air leaks of the building parts and joints in field conditions. For the testing of the tightness of groups including several objects, a sampling inspection method has also been presented.


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