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Fire-LCA guidelines (NT TR 583)

NT TR 583

  • Fire-LCA is an LCA method that incorporates fires as one possible end of life scenario. It was developed by SP and IVL in order to be able to assess lifecycle aspects of the fire performance of products. This report gives guidelines on how to perform a Fire-LCA study. They are written based on the experience made during the development and application of the Fire-LCA methodology to different case studies.

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Improving heat fluxmeter calibration for fire testing laboratories (HFCAL) (NT TR 527)

NT TR 527

  • Tests of resistance to fire, representing fully developed fires, use more and more often heat flux gauges. In reaction to fire testing the initial stages of the fire are considered, ranging from smouldering cigarettes to small flames and "Single Burning Items". To characterise the thermal load to the test specimen, all national and international test methods need a direct measurement of the heat flux incident on the specimen.

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Determination of total or partial trace element content in soil and inorganic waste materials (NT TR 446)

NT TR 446

  • A large number of different methods are available for the determination of the content of trace elements in soil and inorganic waste materials, and since these methods often are used at random and without proper justification, guidance and documentation, a considerable confusion exists in this area.


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Guidelines to large-scale fire testing of water mist systems (NT TR 433)

NT TR 433

  • This document presents general guidelines for large-scale fire testing of water mist systems.

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Guidelines for evaluating in-service creep damage (NT TR 302)

NT TR 302

  • To indicate safe life or re-evaluation periods for high-temperature components, assessment based on measured creep cavitation damage is used worldwide. To interpret the observed damage unambiguously requires evaluation of the extent of damage on a unique, clearly defined and accepted scale. The presently available European damage scales in the guidelines NORDTEST NT TR 170 and VGB-TW 507 provide reference micrographs for a range of creep damage in the most common high-temperature steels. However, these guidelines differ in their stated and implicit definitions of a given class (extent) of damage, although both guidelines are nominally based on the same original Neubauer scale of creep damage.

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Guidelines for supervision of cutting fluids (NT MECH 041)


  • The guidelines are to be used in connection with the selection and supervision of mineral oils and waterbased cutting fluids.

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Acoustics: Human sound perception – Guidelines for listening tests (NT ACOU 111)


  • It is the intention of these guidelines to provide a tool to increase the effectiveness and reliability of listening tests.


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