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Matresses - Burning behaviour - Full scale test (NT TR 602)

NT TR 602

  • A new test method for testing of fire properties of mattresses is proposed. The method is intended to evaluate the full scale burning behaviour of a complete mattress or bed system when exposed to a flaming ignition source. Fire performance criteria, for mattresses used in public occupancies, are proposed.

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Modelling of the radiative feedback from the flames in cone calorimeter (NT TR 540)

NT TR 540

  • The ignition and combustion properties of building materials are often studied using the Cone Calorimeter (ISO5660:1993, NT Fire 048:1993), where the sample is heated by a temporally and spatially constant incident radiative heat flux. After ignition, however, the heat transfer characteristics are changed due to the flame radiation and convection.

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Uncertainty in heat flux calibrations performed according to NT FIRE 050 (NT TR 494)

NT TR 494

  • The combined expanded uncertainty for calibrations according to NT FIRE 050 performed in the furnace at SP is calculated and presented. The result is presented in tables so that the parameters that contributes most to combined uncertainty is easily recognized.

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Uncertainties in measuring heat and smoke release rates in the room or corner test and the SBI test (NT TR 477)

NT TR 477

  • When performing fire testing and classifying materials, Heat Release Rate (HRR) and Smoke Production Rate (SPR) are two of the most important quantities to determine. In this work, the individual sources of errors are defined for the HRR and the SPR calculations, with regard to the Room/Corner Test and the Single Burning Item (the SBI) test.

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Physical interpretation of temperature data measured in the SBI fire test (NT TR 416)

NT TR 416

  • In the SBI fire test, there are temperature sensors in the exhaust duct allowing measurement of the temperature rise of the exhaust gases (T measurement). In principle these sensors provide means to monitor the production rate of thermal energy.

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Large, free-hanging curtain and drapery textiles: Heat release, fire spread and smoke production - Full scale test (NT FIRE 043)


  • This method simulates a fire that under well ventilated conditions starts in a large free-hanging curtain fabric in front of a wall.

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Pipe insulation: Fire spread and smoke production - Full scale test (NT FIRE 036)


  • This method simulates fire that under well ventilated conditions starts in a small room with a single open doorway.


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