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Matresses - Burning behaviour - Full scale test (NT TR 602)

NT TR 602

  • A new test method for testing of fire properties of mattresses is proposed. The method is intended to evaluate the full scale burning behaviour of a complete mattress or bed system when exposed to a flaming ignition source. Fire performance criteria, for mattresses used in public occupancies, are proposed.

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Modelling of the radiative feedback from the flames in cone calorimeter (NT TR 540)

NT TR 540

  • The ignition and combustion properties of building materials are often studied using the Cone Calorimeter (ISO5660:1993, NT Fire 048:1993), where the sample is heated by a temporally and spatially constant incident radiative heat flux. After ignition, however, the heat transfer characteristics are changed due to the flame radiation and convection.

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Nordic Round Robin and Investigation on IMO Resolution A 653 (16) (NT TR 529)

NT TR 529

  • This Nordtest Project critically examines the deviations from the IMO resolution A.653 (16) method, which the participating laboratories either uses or has been using, that being deviations from: the equipment, the procedures or the interpretation of data. These deviations are in many cases a result on the imprecise and equivocal description of the method described in the IMO resolution A.653 (16) in FTP Code.

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Guidelines to large-scale fire testing of water mist systems (NT TR 433)

NT TR 433

  • This document presents general guidelines for large-scale fire testing of water mist systems.

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Accelerated weathering of fire-Retardant treated wood for fire testing (NT FIRE 053)


  • The durability of a fire-retardant treatment of wood under exposure to accelerated weathering is covered by this standard. It is intended for fire-retardant treatment of wood by pressure impregnation, rather than simply by surface coating.


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