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Models for impact evaluation on landfill - Aspects for appropriate modelling (NT TR 601)

NT TR 601

  • The aim of the project is to present information on tools and models suitable for the prediction of the leaching of compounds from waste and the transport of leached compounds to the environment. The focus of the report is mainly on the leaching of inorganic compounds from inorganic non-hazardous waste material.

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Environmental benchmarking - A tool for continuous environmental improvements in the SME sector (NT TR 588)

NT TR 588

  • The aim of the project was to gather information on existing versions of environmental benchmarking tools for small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) in the Nordic countries.

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Environmental risk assessment of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) - Identification of Data Needs (NT TR 523)

NT TR 523

  • It was the aim of this NordTest project to propose improvements that prepare us to assess ecological risks to the environment associated with releases of existing and coming GMO cases.


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