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Flow meters: Accelerated durability testing (NT VVS 121)

NT VVS 121

  • The aim of this method is to provide an accelerated durability test for flow meters.

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Testing and evaluation of long term performance of solar collectors: Thermal performance, reliability and durability after one year’s outdoor exposure under stagnation conditions (NT VVS 112)

NT VVS 112

  • The objective of a one-year outdoor exposure under stagnation conditions is to ascertain whether the design of the collector has serious shortcomings in respect of design details or choice of materials that would degrade its pet-formante under realistic operating conditions.

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Testing durability of treated wood according to EN 252 - Interpretation of data from Nordic test fields (NT TR 591)

NT TR 591

  • To evaluate the effectiveness of new wood preservatives intended for treated wood in ground use there is an European standard, EN 252. The test shall run for five years before any interpretation of the results can be made.

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Steel emissivity at high temperatures (NT TR 570)

NT TR 570

  • A new test method was developed at VTT for the determination of the emissivities of different types of steel and other metallic materials as a function of the temperature of the material.

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Building materials - polyethylene films: Properties and durability (NT BUILD 216)


  • This Nordtest method specifies a set of testing methods for homogeneous polyethylene films.


Nordtest is a trademark of Nordic cooperation in conformity assessment. The emphasis of Nordtest is to develop, promote and innovate Nordic test methods and pre-normative activity. Nordtest endeavours to remove technical barriers to trade and promotes the concept: “Approved once, accepted everywhere”.