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Guideline for selection of accelerated corrosion test for product qualification (NT TR 597)

NT TR 597

  • The Guideline in this report has been prepared as a framework for comparing existing accelerated corrosion tests and should be applicable in the choice of best method and procedure for qualification testing of a product with respect to corrosion resistance.

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Corrosion testing of electronic units (NT TR 590)

NT TR 590

  • Nowadays, the demand for better and reliable products is high, whereas the time between the idea of a product and the production decreases. This is especially the case for products containing electronics, which are part of our everyday life. Because electronic products are submitted to all kinds of environments, especially corrosive environments, the demand for adapted corrosion testing methods assuring their well functioning after years of use is needed.

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Korrosjonspåvirkning fra brannimpregnert trevirke - En ringtest og ny prøvemetode (NT TR 546)

NT TR 546

  • En akselerert metode for å vurdere korrosjonspåvirkningen fra brannimpregnert tre på festemidler er testet ut ved å eksponere prøvene i et fuktig klima (RF = 90 %) ved 27 °C og sammenlikne med korrosjon i utendørs eksponering i ett år.

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Methods for test of reinforcement material properties based on mix of stainless steel and carbon steel (NT TR 528)

NT TR 528

  • The project describes methods for testing of corrosion resistance and mechanical properties of reinforcing steel consisting of stainless steel and carbon steel. Methods for testing of mechanical properties (tensile strength and fatigue) are based on the existing standards for traditional carbon steel reinforcement, NS 3420, NS 3575, NS-EN 288-3, NS 480, NS 3473 and ASTM E 739-1.

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Calibration of the electrochemical methods for the corrosion rate measurement of steel in concrete (NT TR 521)

NT TR 521

  • In this study, steel bars were embedded in concrete slabs with different chloride introductions (0%, 1.5%, 3% and 6 % by mass of cement) in order to induce corrosion at different rates.

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Corrosion, internal: Detection and sizing, manual ultrasonics (NT NDT 008)

NT NDT 008

  • This NORDTEST method specifies procedures for the detection and sizing of corrosion in metallic materials by manually operated ultrasonics with commonly accepted qualities for conventional ultrasonic testing.

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Assessment of corrosion protection classes for inorganic coatings on steel (NT MAT 003)

NT MAT 003

  • This Nordtest method describes a procedure to assess the corrosion protection class of inorganic coatings on steel from the results of an accelerated corrosion test.

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Metallographic assessment of the temperature history and remanent life of power plant components (NT MAT 002)

NT MAT 002

  • This NORDTEST method describes how oxide thickness measurements and/or metallographic investigations (changes in carbide distribution) can be used to assess the temperature history of superheater and reheater tubes.

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Corrosion test for fire retardant treated wooden products (NT FIRE 056)


  • This test method specifies the procedure for determining the corrosion hazard on metals and metal fasteners from fire retardant treated wooden products after exposure in an accelerated laboratory environment.

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Protective paint coatings on steel: Accelerated corrosion test in high humidity air containing small amounts of sulphur dioxide (NT BUILD 377)


  • This method specifies the test equipment, preparation of test specimens and the procedure for accelerated corrosion tests on protective paint coatings on steel. The corrosion test is conducted in an artificial atmosphere of air containing 1 ppm sulphur dioxide. Exposure takes place at a constant relative humidity of 95 % and at a constant temperature of 23 ºC.

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Reinforcement: Corrosion resistance (NT BUILD 217)


  • This Nordtest method describes a method for the evaluation of corrosion processes in reinforcing steel in concrete.


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