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Resthållfasthet hos brandskadad betong (NT TR 596)

NT TR 596

  • I projektet har självkompakterande betong med respektive utan fibrer samt en konventionell betong, K30 ingått. Av dessa göts provplattor som sedan exponerades för brand enligt ett standardförfarande. Ur plattorna och ur referensprover borrades kärnor för vidare provning. De metoder som tillämpats är tryck och spräckhållfasthet, ultraljud, BET, mikroskopi samt borrmotstånd och punktlastindex.

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Application of WST-method for fracture testing of fibre-reinforced concrete (NT TR 575)

NT TR 575

  • To evaluate the reproducibility of the wedge-splitting test method and to provide guidelines, a round robin study was conducted in which three labs participated.

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Metod för bestämning av vattenpermeabiliteten hos betong (NT TR 571)

NT TR 571

  • Vattenpermeabilitet är i många fall avgörande för beständighet och livslängd hos porösa material som t.ex. betong. Det finns idag ingen standardiserad metod för bestämning av Darciansk permeabilitet.

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Nordic evaluation of methods for testing fresh self-compacting concrete (NT TR 558)

NT TR 558

  • In this study a modified inter-comparison test was proposed for evaluating the precision of methods for testing fresh SCC whose properties are not identical from laboratory to laboratory or even from batch to batch. The modification includes collecting a number of sets of similar equipment and carrying out a local inter-comparison test in each laboratory by different operators, each operating a number of sets of equipment.

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Estimation of cement_binder profile parallel to the determination of chloride profile in concrete (NT TR 541)

NT TR 541

  • In this study, two methods for determination of calcium content parallel to the determination of chloride content have been proposed and evaluated for their precisions.

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Calibration of the electrochemical methods for the corrosion rate measurement of steel in concrete (NT TR 521)

NT TR 521

  • In this study, steel bars were embedded in concrete slabs with different chloride introductions (0%, 1.5%, 3% and 6 % by mass of cement) in order to induce corrosion at different rates.

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Method for determination of chloride threshold values for steel in concrete (NT TR 500)

NT TR 500

  • The aim with this project was to establish a common Nordic test method for determining chloride threshold values in concrete.

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Revisjon av Nordtestmetode for besemmelse av betongs strekkfasthet og heftefasthet mellom betong og mørtel (NT TR 457)

NT TR 457

  • Three Nordtest methods for testing tensile strength of concrete and bond strength between concrete substructure and cast-on layer of concrete, mortar or sprayed concrete were evaluated in this project for proposing a new revised Nordtest method.

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Elastic coatings: Crack bridging performance (NT POLY 184)


  • This test method specifies the determination of the performance of elastic coatings with respect to their resistance to certain repeated movements of a substrate crack.

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Steels for concrete reinforcement: Axial load fatigue testing of bars (NT MECH 014)


  • This NORDTEST method describes a procedure for fatigue testing under axial loading to obtain the fatigue strength of reinforcing steel in the fatigue regime where the strains are predominately elastic both upon initial loading and throughout the testing.

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Concrete, mortar and cement based repair materials: Quality control of fresh self-compacting concrete - Workability, air content, density and casting of test specimens (NT BUILD 507)


  • This procedure is for the quality control of the of fresh self-compacting concrete.

    With respect to air content, density and casting of test specimens this method is in accordance with EN 12350-6, and EN 12350-7 shall be used except for the sections given in the present document. These sections are superior to EN-12350.

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Concrete, mortar, hardened: Water permeability of water-saturated concrete (NT BUILD 506)


  • This NORDTEST method is intended for the determination of the water permeability of cast or drilled test specimens of hardened, water-saturated concrete or mortar.

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Adhesive: Absorption of deformation (NT BUILD 501)


  • The test method describes a way of determining the ability of cementitious and organically-modified cementitious adhesives to absorb movements in the underlying concrete when applying tiles using the thin-layer method. The result can be used in assessing the ability of adhesives to absorb movements due to shrinkage and creep.

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Concrete, mortar and cement-based repair materials: Chloride migration coefficient from non-steady-state migration experiments (NT BUILD 492)


  • This procedure is for determination of the chloride migration coefficient in concrete, mortar or cement-based repair materials from non-steady-state migration experiments.

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Aggregates: Size distribution (NT BUILD 486)


  • The method can be applied to determine the size distribution of aggregates in different materials such as hardened mortars and concrete. The maximum aggregate size which can be measured depends on the size of the measured image.

    The measurements can be performed using thin sections or other specimens where the aggregates can be distinguished from the background.

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Concrete, fresh: initial setting time and activation energy during setting (NT BUILD 476)


  • This NORDTEST method specifies a method for the determination of the initial setting of fresh concrete by measuring the heat development of the concrete during the first hours. A method of determination of the activation energy during the setting period is also specified.

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Concrete, hardened: relative humidity measured in drilled holes (NT BUILD 439)


  • This method describes the measurement of the relative humidity of concrete by single measurements on site in a drilled hole.

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Concrete, hardened and mortar: Calcium oxide and soluble silica contents (NT BUILD 437)


  • This is a method for determining calcium oxide content and soluble silica content of concrete. The results can be used to estimate the cement content of concrete and sometimes the type of cement. However, this estimation is outside the scope of this method.

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Concrete: Cracking tendency - exposure to drying during the first 24 hours (NT BUILD 433)


  • This Nordtest method is intended for the determination of the cracking tendency of concrete at early ages. The test is performed on 3 ring shaped specimens exposed to an air stream of defined velocity, temperature and relative humidity the first 20-24 hours after casting. The crack development is judged quantitatively at the end of this period.

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Concrete, fresh: Compactibility with ic-tester (intensive compaction tester) (NT BUILD 427)


  • The IC-tester compacts the mass sample (ca. 0.8 dm3) using a continuous, kneading action. Pressure and cyclic shearing is applied to the mass. At the end of the test an ICT-index is obtained which describes the amount of work needed to compact the sample to a specified density. The compaction takes place in a test cylinder with oscillating end plates in such a way that the concrete mass is subjected to cyclic shearing. The concrete cylinder which is obtained after the compaction may be subjected to compressive or splitting strength tests at different ages.

    This method can be employed in quality control of concrete as well as in research and product development.

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Concrete: Heat development (NT BUILD 388)


  • The method can be applied to determine the amount of heat developed in concrete during the hardening process. The heat development is described in terms of the produced energy as a function of the maturity of the concrete.

    The information obtained may be used to predict the temperature development and distribution in a structure where concrete hardening is taking place under varying conditions.

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Concrete, hardened: Air void structure and air content (NT BUILD 381)


  • The method can be applied to determine the air content and air void structure in hardened concrete. The air void structure is described by means of the parameters, air void content, specific surface and spacing factor. Two methods are described in the standard, the linear traverse method and the modified point count method. The measurements can be performed on either face ground specimens or thin sections.

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Concrete, repair materials: Water diffusion (NT BUILD 369)


  • The water diffusion coefficient of concrete repair materials and protecting coatings is determined by a laboratory test in which transfer of water occurs under the influence of differences in relative humidity. The diffusion coefficient is calculated on the basis of the loss of weight from a diffusion cell.

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Concrete, repair materials: Capillary absorption (NT BUILD 368)


  • This method describes a laboratory test procedure to determine capillary water absorption of concrete repair mortars and protective coatings, based on weight recording. The absorbed amount of water is expressed as a function of the square root of time.

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Concrete, repair materials: Coefficient of thermal expansion (NT BUILD 367)


  • This paper describes a laboratory procedure for determining the coefficient of thermal expansion of concrete repair mortars. The specimens are exposed to temperatures ranging from +5 ºC to +60 ºC. For each change of temperature, the longitudinal expansion is recorded.

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Concrete, repair materials and protective coating: Shrinkage and swelling (NT BUILD 366)


  • The method describes a test for measuring the shrinkage or swelling of repair mortars during the hardening period and the subsequent desiccation period.

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Concrete, repair materials and protective coating: bond strenght, direct pull-off test (NT BUILD 365)


  • The method describes a test for determination of the bond strength of a construction consisting of a standard concrete substructure on which a repair mortar or a repair system has been cast.

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