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Stain test for Natural Stones (NT TR 595)

NT TR 595

  • This study focuses on the development of a standardised procedure for assessing the staining sensitivity of natural stones with and without surface treatment. The following different stone types with different mineralogy, chemistry and surface finishing were used: marble, mica-schist, ultrabasitee, granite and limestone.

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Natural stones: Determination of sensitivity to accidental staining (NT BUILD 514)


  • This Nordtest method describes a laboratory procedure for determining the sensitivity of natural stones when exposed to accidental staining. It contains a standardised procedure for the application of the stains, the cleaning and the assessment of the surface appearance after cleaning. It also covers the possibility to assess the efficiency of a surface treatment. Note that the method does not intend to present any de-staining technique!

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Floors: Ease of cleaning (NT BUILD 326)


  • The scope of this NORDTEST method is to determine the ease of cleaning of floor coverings.


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