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Ventilations filters: Field test of efficiency (NT VVS 128)

NT VVS 128

  • This Nordtest method is intended to be used in testing ventilation filters in their normal operating conditions. The purpose of the test is to determine if the fractional efficiency of the filter(s) differs significantly from that expected from the laboratory tests.

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Ventilation: Local mean age of air -homogeneous emission techniques (NT VVS 118)

NT VVS 118

  • The aim of this test method is to test ventilation performance in buildings, including premises which cannot be treated as a single well mixed zone.

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Ventilatlon : Simple determination of air flow rate in thermal plumes (NT VVS 113)

NT VVS 113

  • The scope of this Nordtest method is to describe a simple procedure for measuring air flow rate in thermal free-, walland corner plumes over heat sources.

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Ventilation: Flow rate, total effective -by single zone approximation (NT VVS 105)

NT VVS 105

  • The purpose of this standard is to provide a description of a technique for measuring the total effective (harmonic time average) ventilation flow rate in a building using a single zone approximation.

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Ventilation: Vents for direct supply of outdoor air air flow pattern and draught criterion (NT VVS 092)

NT VVS 092

  • The scope of this Nordtest method is to determine the sensed draught (combination of local air velocity and low air temperature) created by incoming air through vents for direct supply of outdoor air into a room.

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Ventilatlon: Vents for direct supply of outdoor air capacity rating (NT VVS 091)

NT VVS 091

  • The scope of this Nordtest method is to determine the air flow rate through vents for direct supply of outdoor air, and also the air leakage rate through these vents in the closed position.

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Validation of safety-related wireless machine control systems (NT TR 605)

NT TR 605

  • Wireless technologies are spreading also to safety-related applications. Wireless communication is realised by sending messages bit by bit from transmitter to receiver (serial mode communication). This resembles quite much the method used in field buses. There are already several field buses, which are validated to be used in safetyrelated applications.

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Validation of communication safety critical control systems (NT TR 543)

NT TR 543

  • The purpose of this technical report is to provide a support to testing laboratories and industry constructors in designing and validating safety in distributed control systems. The report contains a summary of the basic characteristics and concepts specific to distributed systems as well as a description of the components e.g. bus systems and communication protocols.

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Ventilation ducts: Fire resistance (NT FIRE 034)


  • This NORDTEST method specifies a procedure to determine the fire resistance of ventilation ducts passing from one fire compartment to another without the aid of fire dampers.

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Voltmeters and ammeters for dc welding: Calibration and function testing (NT ELEC 028)


  • This NORDTEST method describes procedures for calibration of voltmeters and ammeters which are to be used for measurements of voltage and current during direct current are welding. It also describes test procedures to verify the fitness of an instrument for measurements during direct current arc welding.

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Vertical surfaces: Assessment of visible soiling (NT BUILD 237)


  • This NORDTEST method is intended for the assessment of visible soiling of wall and door surfaces. The soiling procedure simulates soiling materials brought into physical contact with the surface.

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Vertical building surfaces: Resistance to glancing blows (NT BUILD 063)


  • The purpose of this NORDTEST METHOD is to measure the resistance of vertical building surfaces to glancing blows. For testing purposes such glancing blows are simulated by means of an impact body having a hard and rough edge.

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Vehicles: Determination of immission relevant noise emission (NT ACOU 109)


  • This NORDTEST method specifies determination of the noise emission of vehicles to obtain input data to be used in prediction methods for road traffic noise.

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Vibration measuring instrumentation: Verification procedure (NT ACOU 094)


  • This document specifies a method for verification of instrumentation used for measurement of vibration.

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Vibratory plate compactors: Noise test code (NT ACOU 087)


  • This Nordtest method specifies operating conditions and methods to determine the sound power level and the emission sound pressure level at the work station of vibratory plate compactors. The results can be used to compare different vibratory plate compactors.

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Validation of the functional safety of programmable electronic systems (PES): Framework (NT ELEC 033)


  • This test method adresses aspects that need to be validated when programmable electronic systems are used to carry out safety functions.


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