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Testing and evaluation of long term performance of solar collectors: Thermal performance, reliability and durability after one year’s outdoor exposure under stagnation conditions (NT VVS 112)

NT VVS 112

  • The objective of a one-year outdoor exposure under stagnation conditions is to ascertain whether the design of the collector has serious shortcomings in respect of design details or choice of materials that would degrade its pet-formante under realistic operating conditions.

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Thermometers, contact, direct reading: Calibration (NT VVS 103)

NT VVS 103

  • The scope of this method is to function as a guideline for the calibration of direct-reading contact thermometers by means of the comparison technique.

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Thermometers, liquid-in-glass: Calibration (NT VVS 102)

NT VVS 102

  • The scope of this method is to function as a guideline for the calibration of liquid-in-glass thermometers by means of the comparison technique.

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Thermal storage heaters: Performance test (NT VVS 099)

NT VVS 099

  • Thermal storage heaters are designed to enable electrical energy to be supplied and stored as heat during the night. The stored heat can be used during the day when energy prices are normally higher.

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Thermal anemometers low velocities: Frequency response and time-constant or cut-off frequency (NT VVS 089)

NT VVS 089

  • This method is to be used for the determination of the frequency response in the range 0.5 - 7 Hz of low velocity anemometers. The cut-off frequency or time constant is taken as a single measure of the frequency response.

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Three-way control valves for hot water systems: Flow characteristics of the valve used as mixing valve (NT VVS 084)

NT VVS 084

  • This method is to be used for testing the hydraulic properties of 3-way control valves used as mixing valves.

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Total ventilation air flow rate: Continous measurement - constant flow technique (NT VVS 074)

NT VVS 074

  • The scope of the method is to determine the total inflow of outdoor air to a ventilated space.

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Thermostatic mixing valves: Varying water temperature and pressure (NT VVS 062)

NT VVS 062

  • The test proposed below specifies a method which permits the measurement of difference in the outflowing water temperature regulated by a thermostatic mixing valve, when the temperature or the pressure varies in the inflowing water, and is caused by variation of the actual need of flow in domestic water system.

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Thermostatic mixing valves: Hysteresis (NT VVS 061)

NT VVS 061

  • The test proposal below specifies a method which permits the measurement of the differences in outflowing water temperatures with the same instant flow, when a thermostatic mixing valve is operating, and the differences are caused by increasing, respectively decreasing water temperatures, and when the pre-set value of the controller is constant.

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Thermostatic mixing valves: Proportional band (NT VVS 60)

NT VVS 060

  • The test proposed below specifies a method which permits the measurement of the proportional band.

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Thermostatic mixing valves: Flow resistance (NT VVS 059)

NT VVS 059

  • The test proposal below specifies a method which permits the measurement of a water flow at different pressures. Flow resistance denotes the resistance excerted by a thermostatic mixing valve to a flow of liquid.

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Time-triggered technology for automation and machinery control communities (NT TR 612)

NT TR 612

  • The scope of the project was to disseminate knowledge and awareness about concepts and methodologies of time-triggered technology for automation and machinery control communities. A large part of this knowledge was results from the European Community project DECOS.

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Testing durability of treated wood according to EN 252 - Interpretation of data from Nordic test fields (NT TR 591)

NT TR 591

  • To evaluate the effectiveness of new wood preservatives intended for treated wood in ground use there is an European standard, EN 252. The test shall run for five years before any interpretation of the results can be made.

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Tests for doc-leaching from waste materials (NT TR 582)

NT TR 582

  • Decision 2003/33/EC establishes procedures and criteria for different parameters needed in the acceptance of waste at landfills in accordance with the EU Landfill Directive. One of these parameters is dissolved organic carbon (DOC). This parameter is a consequence of the need for gradually reducing the landfilling of biodegradable waste in order to reduce green house emissions.

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Test methods for components used in vertical geothermal heat exchangers (NT TR 572)

NT TR 572

  • This report treats the development of test methods for performance test of components used in vertical geothermal heat exchangers (GHX). The aim of the method proposals, attached to this report, is to help evaluate their performance in laboratory conditions, whilst subjected to relatively realistic environment. Such test methods are missing presently.

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Test methods adapted for alternative and recycled, porous aggregate materials (Part 3 - Water absorption) (NT TR 550)

NT TR 550

  • This is the third report in a series of projects dealing with test methods for mainly alternative and recycled aggregates (1292-96 and 1393-97). This study focuses on the problem of water absorption of porous aggregates in atmospheric pressure in accordance with EN 1097-6 Determination of particle density and water absorption, and the implication on durability aspects.

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Tests of cellular plastic (XPS and EPS) insulation boards, resistance to cyclic compressive loading with square-wave load (NT TR 547)

NT TR 547

  • Cellular plastic boards can be used in railway embankments in order to lower the pressure on the underground and to provide insulation. The long-term deformation  resistance is of great importance for this application.

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Transgenic raw materials in food production - Detection of transgene and heterologous protein levels (NT TR 542)

NT TR 542

  • The aim of the project was to find out through a model case whether the threshold of 1 % GM material in foods is detectable with the present analytical methods. The transgenic barley material was homozygotized through microspore culture for production of doubled haploid (DH) plants. The transgenic and non-transgenic barley samples were malted, mashed and fermented.

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Transport and fate of surfactants in the aquatic environment (NT TR 524)

NT TR 524

  • A literature review of environmental properties of surfactants is given. The fate of surfactants in sewage systems was investigated, i.e. the anaerobe biodegradability, bioaccumulation and toxicity towards aquatic and sediment-living organisms.

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Tillverkning och användning av laboratoriereferensmaterial vid testing av fast avfall (NT TR 486)

NT TR 486

  • Costly certified and commercial reference materials can often not be applied for waste testing because of high test portion quantities needed and poor availability of suitable commercial soil and waste materials. The utilisation of a laboratory reference material can be regarded as a practical tool in the quality control of leaching test performance.

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Test methods for monitoring genetically modified microorganisms (GMMs) in nature (NT TR 455)

NT TR 455

  • Genetically modified microorganisms (GMMs) are promising for many environmental and agricultural applications, including bioremediation of toxic chemicals and bio control of plant diseases. This report provide recommendations for test methods that are suitable for monitoring of GMMs in Nordic countries.

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Traceable calibration and uncertainty of measurements in scanning electron microscopy NT TR 252

NT TR 252

  • The objective of this study was to develop guidelines for measuring quantitative chemical compositions and dimensions in scanning electron microscopy (SEM) to a predetermined level of uncertainty with the help of the new publication ISO/TAG4/WG 3 (June 1992): Guide to the Expression of Uncertainty in Measurement.

    A literature survey was made in order to see what relevant standards or recognised procedures are available for measurements in SEM.

    This report containes worked examples of uncertainty analysis and application of the ISO/TAG4/WG 3 guide for measurements in SEM. The results of experiments and the literature survey are summarised and the suitability of the ISO/TAG4/WG 3 guide is discussed.

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Temperature prediction during cure for fibre reinforced unsaturated polyester materials (NT POLY 180)


  • This method specifies a route for the prediction of temperature in a composite system during cure. The test is based on a mathematical calculation procedure and is not a physical test of the materials but a simulation of an experiment, and thus replaces experimental tests.

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Turning tool life test for cutting fluid evaluation (NT MECH 040)


  • The test method specifies a procedure for evaluating cutting fluids in turning. In this method the following relevant parameters are considered: workpiece material and its geometry, tool material and its geometry, fluids to be tested, general cutting conditions, tool life/tool wear.

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Tapping torque test for cutting fluid evaluation (NT MECH 039)


  • The test method specifies a procedure for evaluating cutting fluids in tapping. In this method the following factors are considered: workpiece, tool, cutting fluid to be tested, cutting conditions and tapping torque.

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Tools, single point: Wear evaluation by short cycle turning tests (NT MECH 037)


  • The test method specifies a procedure for determining the tool wear testing of primarily steel alloys using single point sintered hardmetal (sintered carbides and ceramics) tools with special reference to machining operations involving short turning cycles with idle periods in between, to be identified hereafter as interrupted machining mode and abbreviated as IMM.

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Trestles: mechanical strength and general properties (NT MECH 002)


  • This NORDTEST method is intended for the testing of mechanical strength and general properties of trestles.

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Textile fabrics: Ignition and flame spread (NT FIRE 029)


  • This NORDTEST method specifies a test procedure for determining the flammability (ignition and flame spread properties) of single- or multicomponent textile fabrics oriented in the 45° angle position.

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