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Refrigator and heat pump equipment: Check-ups and performance data inferred from measurements under field conditions In the refrigerant system (NT VVS 116)

NT VVS 116

  • The scope of this Nordtest method is to provide instructions and recommendations regarding onsite performance checkups of heat pumps and refrigeration equipment.

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Refrigeration and heat pump equipment: General conditions for field testing and presentation of performance (NT VVS 115)

NT VVS 115

  • This Nordtest method provides the general conditions as well as references to specific methods to be applied in field testing and presentation of performance for heat pumps and refrigeration equipment.

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Room air cleaners; portable: Performance (NT VVS 106)

NT VVS 106

  • This Nordtest method is used to test technical performance of portable room air cleaners, to control tobacco particles in indoor air.

    The method measures the relative reduction by the air cleaner of particulate matter suspended in the air in a specified test chamber.

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Reproducibility of measurements with ISO 140 and calculations with EN 12354 (NT TR 603)

NT TR 603

  • Uncertainties of measurement and prediction of the sound insulation in a building is an important issue to the building industry, because they put increased expenses on all actors of the building process who have to keep safety margins to prescribed requirements. This report deals with estimates of both types of uncertainty and some recommendations on suitable safety margins are given.

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Resthållfasthet hos brandskadad betong (NT TR 596)

NT TR 596

  • I projektet har självkompakterande betong med respektive utan fibrer samt en konventionell betong, K30 ingått. Av dessa göts provplattor som sedan exponerades för brand enligt ett standardförfarande. Ur plattorna och ur referensprover borrades kärnor för vidare provning. De metoder som tillämpats är tryck och spräckhållfasthet, ultraljud, BET, mikroskopi samt borrmotstånd och punktlastindex.

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Road traffic - Vehicle noise emission (NT TR 557)

NT TR 557

  • A method for the determination of source parameters for estimation of road vehicle noise has been developed. The main parts of the method have been tested with measurements and this verifies that the method can be used in practice.

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Round Robin test on heat exchanger or district heating (NT TR 532)

NT TR 532

  • Four partners from three Nordic countries carried out for the first time a Round Robin test on a heat exchanger designed for district heating applications. The aim was to investigate the level of uncertainty achieved in determining the thermal capacity and pressure losses in a heat exchanger.

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Revisjon av Nordtestmetode for besemmelse av betongs strekkfasthet og heftefasthet mellom betong og mørtel (NT TR 457)

NT TR 457

  • Three Nordtest methods for testing tensile strength of concrete and bond strength between concrete substructure and cast-on layer of concrete, mortar or sprayed concrete were evaluated in this project for proposing a new revised Nordtest method.

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Round Robin - Chemical emission testing by use of FLEC (NT TR 438)

NT TR 438

  • The purpose of this project was to harmonise chemical emission testing in the Nordic countries in order to define a uniform test procedure, test conditions, and reporting.

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Recommended methods for on site evaluation of the magnetization in MPI (NT TR 171)

NT TR 171

  • Requirements for sufficient magnetizing force in MPI (magnetic particle inspection) vary considerably. When using current magnetization, the verification is fairly straightforward but when using yokes and coils, strayfields interfere with the results. The report gives recommendation for measuring the level of magnetization for different types of methods.

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Resistance to cyclic compressive loading with square-wave load (NT POLY 187)


  • This method specifies procedures for determining the compressive deformation of cellular plastic during a fatigue test carried out under cyclic compressive loading with a square-wave load.

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Reaction data of unsaturated polyester Resin by thermal analysis (NT POLY 179)


  • This test method covers the determination of heat of reaction and reaction data for unsaturated polyester resins (UPE) by differential scanning calorimetry (DSC).

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Roofings: Fire spread (NT FIRE 006)


  • This test method specifies a procedure to determine the tendency of a roofing to spread fire.

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Radio control of cranes: Rc-equipment (NT ELEC 013)


  • The aim of this NORDTEST method is to create a general method for testing and quality evaluation of radio-control (RC) systems used for remote control of cranes.

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Room air cleaners: Performance (NT CONS 009)


  • This NORDTEST method is used to test the technical performance of room air cleaners which are provided with fibrous or electrostatic filters.

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Roof tile underlays: Watertightness – Tent effect (NT BUILD 488)


  • This Nordtest Method specifies a test procedure for testing the watertightness of roof tile underlays resting on a substrate of wood or mineral wool.

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Relative humidity: Using electrical instruments with hygroscopic sensors (NT BUILD 475)


  • This test method is used for the determination of the relative humidity of ambient air by means of electric instruments with hygroscopic sensors. If the air temperature is also measured, the absolute moisture content can be determined.

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Relative humidity: Measuring with a dewpoint hygrometer (NT BUILD 474)


  • This test method is used for measurement of the moisture content of air by determination of the dewpoint temperature, using a dewpoint hygrometer. The results may be recalculated and expressed as the total moisture content of the air or as partial water vapour pressure. If the air temperature is measured at the same time, the method can be used for determination of the relative humidity of the air.

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Roofing membrane underlay (insulation material): Ageing due to increased humidity and heat (NT BUILD 434)


  • The aim of this method is to expose insulation materials to accelerated ageing due to increased temperature and heat.

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Roof sarking: Impact resistance (NT BUILD 431)


  • This Nordtest method specifies a test procedure for determining the soft body impact resistance of sarking or nonloadbearing roof underlay on timber rafters.

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Roofs: Watertightness under pulsating air pressure (NT BUILD 421)


  • This standard defines a method to be used for water-tightness testing under pulsating air pressure of building elements and components to be fitted in roofs and supplied in the form of completely assembled and finished units.

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Relative air humidity: Calibration of electrical instruments (NT BUILD 340)


  • The scope of this NORDTEST method is to calibrate electrical instruments for the measurement of relative air humidity. The test method is only for measuring equipment which gives off or takes up humidity to a limited extent.

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Roof coverings: Puncture, cumulative load (NT BUILD 336)


  • This NORDTEST method specifies a test for puncturing under cumulative load. Mechanical stress on roofing varies from static long-term loads to dynamic short-term loads. This method represents an intermediate (semi-dynamic) load category.

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Roof coverings: Puncture by impact (NT BUILD 335)


  • This NORDTEST method specifies a test for puncture by impact on roof coverings. Mechanical stress on roofing varies from static long-term loads to dynamic short-term loads. This method represents a dynamic category of load where puncturing is caused by impact.

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Roof coverings: Wind load resistance (NT BUILD 307)


  • The test method is designed to assess the wind load resistance of roof assemblies.

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Roof coverings: Strength of mechanical fasteners (NT BUILD 306)


  • This method provides a way of finding the pullout strength of mechanical fasteners for roof coverings exposed to axial symmetric loading. Both static and pulsating loads are used. (In the case of unsymmetrical loadings, the strength must be evaluated separately).

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Reinforcement: Corrosion resistance (NT BUILD 217)


  • This Nordtest method describes a method for the evaluation of corrosion processes in reinforcing steel in concrete.

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