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Pipe in tube systems (NT VVS 129)

NT VVS 129

  • This Nordtest method specifies test methods for testing complete Pipe in tube systems for fitness in use.

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Pre-insulated bonded pipe units: Thermal transmlttance measurements (NT VVS 080)

NT VVS 080

  • This Nordtest method is a laboratory test method for the determination of the thermal performance of pre-insulated bonded pipe units.

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Pipe insulation: Thermal transmittance (NT VVS 077)

NT VVS 077

  • This Nordtest method is a laboratory test method for the determination of the thermal performance of pipe insulation.

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Pipes for potable water supply - Unplasticized polyvinyl chloride (upvc): Extractability of toxic additives (NT VVS 052)

NT VVS 052

  • This NORDTEST method specifies a test method for the determination of the extractability of certain stabilizers of unplasticized PVC, in order to verify that the extracted quantities do not exceed certain fixed concentrations.

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Pressure reduction valves: Wear (NT VVS 033)

NT VVS 033

  • The test is designed to ascertain whether the valve, during a given period, shows satisfactory durability and functions without maintenance.

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Pressure reduction valves: Flow capacity (NT VVS 032)

NT VVS 032

  • The test is designed to determine the pressure drop curve of a valve in the range from zero flow to "maximum flow" through the valve.

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Pressure reduction valves: Regulating ability (NT VVS 031)

NT VVS 031

  • The test is designed to determine the regulating ability of the valve. The valve shall ensure that a pre-set secondary pressure is satisfactorily maintained during normal variations in the primary pressure and water flow.

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Plastics pipes: Stress cracking rubber sealants (NT VVS 026)

NT VVS 026

  • The purpose of this NORDTEST method is to find out if elastic rubber sealing rings used in plastic pipe systems contain components (i.e. softeners like dioctylphthalate in rubber rings in connections with PVC, subsidiary materials in connection with the production, stabilizers, etc.) which have a harmful influence on the plastic material.

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Provtagning och analys av träskyddsbehandlat virke (NT TR 567 - Swedish)

NT TR 567

  • The aim of this investigation, which was carried out with financial support from the Nordic Innovation Centre (Project no 1628-03) and the Nordic Wood Preservation Council, was to study the Nordic rules for quality control and certification of preservative-treated wood and to identify in what respect they were interpreted differently by the inspectors in Denmark, Norway and Sweden, and thus where there was a need for clarifying guidance.

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Performance testing of active noise control (ANC) systems - Guideline (NT TR 487)

NT TR 487

  • This guideline describes a preliminary test method for performance testing of certain active Noise Control (ANC) systems. It sets out requirements for the measurement set-up and representation of the results. The work carried out so far is a first step towards a test method, and this preliminary method can be used as a guideline for testing ANC systems.

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Physical interpretation of temperature data measured in the SBI fire test (NT TR 416)

NT TR 416

  • In the SBI fire test, there are temperature sensors in the exhaust duct allowing measurement of the temperature rise of the exhaust gases (T measurement). In principle these sensors provide means to monitor the production rate of thermal energy.

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Pressure pipe systems: PVC fittings (NT POLY 182)


  • It is the intention of this test method to present a tool for testing PVC pressure fittings in combination with matching pipes assembled to form symmetrical test arrangements (test trees), which can be pressurized when supported in stiff frameworks.

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Plastics: Flow rate ratio (frr) (NT POLY 171)


  • The Flow Rate Ratio (FRR) is based on two Melt Flow Rate (MFR) values instead of only one MFR as generally measured at present. MFR is a determination of the amount of melted material which, in ten minutes, is pressed through a die by a piston using a constant load.

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Plastics - accelerated ageing in alkaline environment (NT POLY 161)


  • This method is intended for polyethelene film, foil and sheets which may come into direct contact with moist concrete, for example in concrete foundation slab constructions.

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Pendulum impact testing machines: Calibration (NT MECH 036)


  • This Nordtest method deals with the calibration of Pendulum Impact Testing Machines (PITM’s).

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Pressure balances: Gas medium, calibration (NT MECH 023)


  • This extension of the existing NORDTEST method NT MECH 009 describes the necessary alterations to NT MECH 009 in order to use it for pressure balances with gas as pressure transmitting medium.

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Pressure gauges: Calibration (NT MECH 022)


  • This NORDTEST method describes the calibration of pressure gauges of both mechanical and electrical types.

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Portable ladders -accessories: Strength and stiffness, safety for users (NT MECH 021)


  • The aim of this test method is to ensure that ladder accessories fulfil reasonable requirements with respect to strength, stiffness and safety.

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Pressure balances: Calibration (NT MECH 009)


  • This Nordtest method describes the calibration of pressure balances by comparison with a calibrated pressure balance.

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Personal protective equipment for firefighters: Complete suit test in hazardous conditions (NT FIRE 052)


  • This is a test method for testing the combined performance of a complete assembly of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), worn by a test person.

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Pipe insulation: Fire spread and smoke production - Full scale test (NT FIRE 036)


  • This method simulates fire that under well ventilated conditions starts in a small room with a single open doorway.

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Protective garments: Measurement of the charge decay time of esd-protective garments (NT ELEC 037)


  • This document specifies a method for determination of the charge decay time for full garments and similar clothing intended as protection for ESD-sensitive components in electronics manufacturing.

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Programmable electrical medical sytems (PEMS): Evaluation of the functional safety of the programmable medical equipment (NT ELEC 032)


  • This test method (more correctly assessment method) aims to evaluate the functional safety of medical devices incorporating programmable electronics.

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Programmable logic controller (plc): Validation of plc safety critical application software (NT ELEC 031)


  • This Nordtest report provides a method for validation of PLC safety critical application software.

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Personal gas monitors: Performance (NT ELEC 022)


  • The aim of this Nordtest method is to form a basis for the evaluation of Personal Gas Monitors for safeguarding persons in underground locations, closed vessels, tunnels, mines, etc.

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Psychrometers for test chambers: Calibration (NT ELEC 020)


  • The method can be used for calibration of measuring psychrometers against a work standard or a work standard against a reference standard. If no work standard is used, the measuring psychrometers are all calibrated against a reference standard.

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Printed wiring assemblies: Reliability stress screening (NT ELEC 018)


  • New electronic equipment in the first hundreds of hours of operation (the initial period) has a failure intensity that is typically 5-20 times as high as the steady state failure intensity during the period of operation.

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Ptfe coatings: Scratch and abrasion resistance (NT CONS 017)


  • The purpose of this NORDTEST method is to obtain a measure of the durability of PTFE coatings in household.

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Panel heaters and cookers: Surface temperature (NT CONS 003)


  • The method is developed for the measurement of surface temperatures. It can be applied to all types of appliances which may cause burns.

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Preparation of water-in-oil emulsion for testing of oil spill response equipment (NT CHEM 003)


  • This document describes a method for preparation of waterin-oil emulsion in quantities appropriate for testing of fullscale oil spill response equipment.

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