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Ceiling cooling systems: Cooling capacity (NT VVS 078)

NT VVS 078

  • The method describes a test arrangement and procedure for measuring the cooling capacity of ceiling cooling systems without forced air flow.

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Circulating pumps: Heating and water supply systems, performance (NT VVS 073)

NT VVS 073

  • This NORDTEST method describes a test for the determination of the performance of circulating pumps for heating and water supply systems.

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Corrosion testing of electronic units (NT TR 590)

NT TR 590

  • Nowadays, the demand for better and reliable products is high, whereas the time between the idea of a product and the production decreases. This is especially the case for products containing electronics, which are part of our everyday life. Because electronic products are submitted to all kinds of environments, especially corrosive environments, the demand for adapted corrosion testing methods assuring their well functioning after years of use is needed.

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ConTrollo della qualità interno: manuale per i laboratori di analisi chimiche. Quarta edizione (2011) del Nordtest Report TR 569

NT TR 569 Edition 4 - Italian

  • Lo scopo del Trollbook è di fornire una guida pratica per il controllo interno della qualità (CQI). È scritto per quanti sono impegnati di routine nell’esecuzione di analisi di laboratorio.

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Contôle interne de la qualité - Manuel pour les laboratoires d'analyses chimiques (Trollboken - Troll book) (NT TR 569 - French/français))

NT TR 569 - French

  • L’objectif de ce manuel est de servir de guide pratique pour le contrôle interne de la qualité . Il est écrit pour vous – qui avez comme travail les mesures de routine dans le laboratoire d’analyses.

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Corporate environmental reporting - Suggestions for an incremental and standardised framework applicable to a variety of companies especially small and medium-sized enterprises (NT TR 568)

NT TR 568

  • Corporate environmental reporting is examined with the objective of contributing to the development of a commonly agreed framework and guidelines for environmental reporting. The framework is intended to be applicable to all kind of companies. However, the study considers the needs of reporting beginners and companies lacking resources for comprehensive reporting practices.

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CEN EN 12457 leaching test - Comparison of test results obtained by part 1 and 2 with test results obtained by part 3 (NT TR 539)

NT TR 539

  • The report compares leaching results obtained by two one-step batch leaching tests (en 12457 part 1 and 2) with leaching results obtained by a two-steps batch-leaching test (EN 12457 part 3). The effect of the used contact time and the effect of using different number of leaching steps were evaluated.

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Calibration procedures for atomic force microscopes (NT TR 536)

NT TR 536

  • More than 8 years of research in calibration of atomic force microscopes (AFM) has been condensed in to two procedures for calibration of metrology grade AFM instruments. The greatest success of the project is that DFM in September 2002 has - as one of the first laboratories in the world - successfully passed a technical assessment for using one of these procedures for accredited (i.e. traceable) AFM measurements.

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Calibration of the electrochemical methods for the corrosion rate measurement of steel in concrete (NT TR 521)

NT TR 521

  • In this study, steel bars were embedded in concrete slabs with different chloride introductions (0%, 1.5%, 3% and 6 % by mass of cement) in order to induce corrosion at different rates.

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Consensus meeting on chemical testing of emission from building products (NT TR 506a)

NT TR 506a

  • This report gives the results and recommendations of NT project 1484-00 on establishment of a consensus concerning test conditions for chemical emission testing in the Nordic countries.

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Consensus meeting on chemical testing of emission from building products (NT TR 506)

NT TR 506

  • This report gives the results and recommendations of NT project 1484-00 on establishment of a consensus concerning test conditions for chemical emission testing in the Nordic countries.

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Creep of granulated loose-fil insulation - Test method and round robin test (NT TR 491)

NT TR 491

  • This report presents a proposal for a standardised method for creep tests and the necessary theoretical framework that can be used to describe creep of a granulated loose-fill material. Furthermore results from a round robin test are shown.

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Corrosion, internal: Detection and sizing, manual ultrasonics (NT NDT 008)

NT NDT 008

  • This NORDTEST method specifies procedures for the detection and sizing of corrosion in metallic materials by manually operated ultrasonics with commonly accepted qualities for conventional ultrasonic testing.

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Crack depth measurement: Electric potential drop techniques (NT NDT 006)

NT NDT 006

  • This NORDTEST method specifies procedure for depth measurements of surface breaking cracks in metallic materials by the use of electric potential drop techniques.

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Cutting fluids for drilling: Evaluation by drill life test (NT MECH 038)


  • This test method specifies a procedure for evaluating cutting fluids in drilling using high speed steel twist drills. In this method the following factors are considered: workpiece, tool, fluid to be tested, cutting conditions, tool life and tool life criterion.

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Combination packagings: Dangerous goods (NT MECH 033)


  • This test method is intended for testing combination packagings in accordance with the UN Recommendations for testing of packagings for dangerous goods.

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Children’s seats for bicycles: Dynamic testing (NT MECH 010)


  • This NORDTEST method is intended for the dynamic testing of the mechanical strength of children's seats for bicycles for a period equivalent to the life expectancy.

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Combustion by-products, corrosion: Corrosivity of combustion by-products used as fill around carbon steel structures (NT MAT 001)

NT MAT 001

  • The aim of the test method is to provide an assessment of the corrosivity on carbon steel of combustion by-products from power and district heating plants before and after accelerated ageing at 40 °C in a measuring cell made for the purpose.

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Corrosion test for fire retardant treated wooden products (NT FIRE 056)


  • This test method specifies the procedure for determining the corrosion hazard on metals and metal fasteners from fire retardant treated wooden products after exposure in an accelerated laboratory environment.

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Combustible products: Commodity classification – Fire test procedure (NT FIRE 049)


  • This Nordtest method is intended to provide a basis for classification of commodities.

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Combustible products: Smoke gas concentrations, continuous FTIR analysis (NT FIRE 047)


  • This test method specifies a procedure for gas sampling and analysis to determine the smoke gas concentrations of combustible products using an on-line FTIR (Fourier Transform InfraRed) technique.

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Coverings: Fire protection ability (NT FIRE 003)


  • This method specifies a procedure to determine the ability of a covering to protect underlying combustible materials against ignition during a specified fire exposure.

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Components and insulation materials in electronics: Determination of electric strength by partial discharge measurement (NT ELEC 029)


  • The purpose of this test method is to verify the electrical strength of components and insulating materials in electronic equipment by partial discharge measurement.

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Card frames, 19 in series: Classification for vibration and shock (NT ELEC 021)


  • This method provides a basis for determination of the vibration and shock characteristics of standard DIN/IEC 19-inch circuit card frames (subracks).

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Carbon monoxide toxic alarms: Performance (NT ELEC 015)


  • The aim of this NORDTEST method is to form a common basis for evaluation and approval of carbon monoxide toxic alarms, hereafter called CO-toxic alarms.

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Cooking vessels: Efficiency (NT CONS 008)


  • This test method is designed for household cooking-vessels heated on an electric hotplate.

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Concrete, mortar and cement based repair materials: Quality control of fresh self-compacting concrete - Workability, air content, density and casting of test specimens (NT BUILD 507)


  • This procedure is for the quality control of the of fresh self-compacting concrete.

    With respect to air content, density and casting of test specimens this method is in accordance with EN 12350-6, and EN 12350-7 shall be used except for the sections given in the present document. These sections are superior to EN-12350.

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