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Buildings: Large scale kitchen range hoods - hood efficiency and pressure drop (NT VVS 088)

NT VVS 088

  • This test provides a method of measuring hood efficiency and pressure drop for large scale kitchen range hoods.

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Buildings - exhaust ventilation: Exhaust fan plant capacity, air flows (NT VVS 069)

NT VVS 069

  • The scope of this NORDTEST method is to determine the capacity of the exhaust fan plant and the air flow through the building. 

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Buildings: Total outdoor air inflow (NT VVS 055)

NT VVS 055

  • This NORDTEST method applies to the determination of the total outdoor airflow into buildings, by means of tracer gas, according to the "decay method".

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Balancing valves: Flow resistance (NT VVS 051)

NT VVS 051

  • This method is to be used for testing the flow resistance of balancing valves with presetting facility. A method for calculation of the 95% interval of prediction on the flow resistance for a number of equal valves is described.

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Buildings: Total flow rate of air - continuous measurement (NT VVS 048)

NT VVS 048

  • The scope of the Nordtest method is to describe a method for continuous measurement of air-change rates in occupied and unoccupied buildings.

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Buildings - ventilating air: Mean age of air (NT VVS 047)

NT VVS 047

  • The scope of the method is to determine the room-average age of air in a ventilated space.

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Buildings - ventilation air: Local mean age (NT VVS 019)

NT VVS 019

  • The scope of this NORDTEST method is to determine the local mean age
    of air at an arbitrary point in a ventilated space.

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Ballast Water Risk Assessment Guidelines for the North Sea and Baltic Sea (NT TR 587)

NT TR 587

  • A wide variety of organisms is transported in ballast water in ocean trade vessels which may establish in new environments when discharged from the ship and alter or impact the receiving ecosystems.

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Bioenergy 2003-2005 - Action 2 - Development of standards to achieve market harmonisation in the bioenergy field - Review of the present status and future prospects of standards (NT TR 584)

NT TR 584

  • The aim of the BASREC standardisation project was to establish contacts between relevant national organisations in the Baltic Sea Region and Technical Committees within CEN to prepare possible contributions to ongoing activities on solid biofuel standards and further to investigate the needs and possibilities for common test methods and rules regarding biofuels and biofuel machinery and systems in the area.

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Best practice in design and testing of isolation rooms in Nordic hospitals (NT TR 564)

NT TR 564

  • An important step in moving toward international standardization is to come to a consensus about what exactly is proper and adequate function in a negative-pressure isolation room. In this report we examine current and best practice in design and performance testing of negative pressure isolation rooms in Nordic hospitals.

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Biodegradability testing of the municipal solid waste reject (NT TR 560)

NT TR 560

  • Sustainable development requires an environmentally sound, cost effective and socially acceptable management of municipal and industrial waste. Landfilling of untreated municipal solid waste (MSW) is known to lead to emissions of leachate and landfill gas, above all methane, which contributes to the greenhouse effect.

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Biotests and guidelines for investigations of biochemical disorders based upon characterisation of pollutants in landfill leachates (NT TR 518)

NT TR 518

  • The objective of this project is to investigate if leachate from Norwegian landfills affect the reproductive system in fish, similar to what is found in Lake Molnbyggen in Sweden, and to evaluate and, if necessary, to adapt existing tests for biological characterisation of leachate to see whether they are suitable for detecting such disorders.

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Buktningsprovning av marmor för fasadbeklädnad (NT TR 481)

NT TR 481

  • Facade cladding of marble has, in several cases, suffered from problems with bowing panels that also loose strength. When not exchanged or repaired there is an obvious risk of panels falling down with time. The project objectives are to develop a laboratory test method for the detection of marble with a potential risk of bowing and to develop a field site investigation method.

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Boxes: Dangerous goods transport, packaging (NT MECH 019)


  • This test method is intended for packagings for the transport of dangerous goods.

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Bags: Dangerous goods transport, packaging (NT MECH 018)


  • This test method is intended for packagings for the transport of dangerous goods.

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Bicycle brakes: Efficiency test (NT MECH 015)


  • This NORDTEST method is intended for testing of the efficiency of bicycle brakes isolated from the rest of the bicycle under normal and simulated weather or environmental conditions.

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Biaxial strength (NT MAT 004)

NT MAT 004

  • Using this method, it is possible to characterise the biaxial shear strength and tensile strength of an adhesive joint between two cylinders.

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Building materials: Combustible content (NT FIRE 038)


  • This test method specifies a procedure to determine the amount of combustible content in building products.

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Bedding components: Ignitability (NT FIRE 037)


  • This NORDTEST method specifies a procedure to determine the ignitability of bedding components with small smouldering and flaming sources of ignition.

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Building products: Flammability and smouldering resistance of loose-fill thermal insulation (NT FIRE 035)


  • This test method specifies a procedure to determine the flammability and resistance to smouldering of thermal insulating materials.

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Building products: Fire spread and smoke production - full scale test (NT FIRE 030)


  • This test method simulates a fire that under well ventilated conditions starts in a small room and spreads to a larger room.

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Building products: Heat release and smoke generation (NT CONS 004)


  • This test method specifies a procedure to determine the tendency of the exposed surface of a building product to release heat and generate smoke.

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Building products: Ignitability (NT FIRE 002)


  • This test method specifies a procedure to determine the ignitability of the exposed surface of a building product.

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Building materials and components in the vertical position: Exposure to accelerated climatic strains (NT BUILD 495)


  • This NORDTEST method is intended for exposing materials and components used in the building envelope to UV light, heat, water and frost. The method seeks to simulate the natural climatic strains. Its objective is to concentrate the individual climatic factors so that, in total, they produce a cycle of strains giving degradation results similar to natural exposure but in a much shorter period of time.

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Building materials: Emission of volatile compounds - On-site measurements with Field and Laboratory Emission Cell (FLEC) (NT BUILD 484)


  • This method specifies a procedure for identification of planar emission sources on-site in buildings which may affect the indoor air quality.

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Building materials: Retention curve and pore size distribution (NT BUILD 481)


  • This test method covers the determination of the retention curve and the pore size distribution of porous building materials and soils using a combination of pressure plate, pressure membrane and/or sand box apparatuses.

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