Nordtest Catalogue

nordtest-catalogue-2006-1The Nordtest Catalogue 2006 provides an overview of all test methods, technical reports, general documents and position papers published under the Nordtest umbrella before 2006. The reports and methods published after 2006 are not included in the catalogue. A new cataloque is under construction.


Nordtest is a trademark of conformity assessment. The emphasis of Nordtest is to develop, promote and innovate Nordic test methods and pre-normative activity. Nordtest endeavours to remove technical barriers to trade and promotes the concept: “Approved once, accepted everywhere”.


New national standard in Nordic countries

BUILD515 front 2A cooperation among road authorities in Finland, Norway and Sweden has created a new Nordtest method NT BUILD 515 for hydrophobic impregnation of concrete. The road authorities of the Nordic countries allocate, yearly, vast sums on the hydrophobic surface protection of reinforced concrete structures (e.g. bridges) in order to reduce the risk for chloride induced corrosion, caused by the extensive use of de-icing salts during harsh winters or sea water ingress.


TROLLBOKEN - German version available

TrollbookOne more translation of Internal Quality Control  – Handbook for Chemical laboratories (Trollboken - Troll Book) in German -

Laborinterne Qualitäts Kontrolle - Troll Buch - is now launched.

The Troll Book is now translated to nine languages and more versions are in the pipeline. All can be from Nordtest free of charge. The new German version can be downloaded free of charge here.


NDT Nordtest EN ISO 9712 update

forside6 2

An updated version of DOC GEN 010 edition 6 launched. Nordtest certification of Non-destructive testing personnel version 6.2.  The changes is most editorial updates and an addendum to §3.1 about web training courses. DOC GEN 010 edition 6.2 approved this month and following the standard EN ISO 9712:2012. Free download here.


Con Trollo della Qualitá interno

Cover of the report "Con Trollo della Qualitá interno", italian version of the Nordtest report Trollboken NT TR 569 ed. 4  An Italian version of the Nordtest report Trollboken NT TR 569 ed. 4 is now launched. It is a translation of the edition 4 of the book. The translation is done by the Instituto Superiore de Sanitá in Rome and distributed in the series "Rapporti ISTISAN". Download the report free of charge here: Con Trollo della Qualitá interno

Nordtest: Nordic cooperation - Removing barriers - Approved once accepted everywhere

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